Master's Farm
The Farm

Few words About Master's Farm.....

At Master’s Farm living gets a touch of luxurious hospitality out here. From the moment you arrive at our gates to the day you bid an ‘Au Revoir’, you’ll enjoy Master’s Farm in every small detail. Three well-appointed & luxurious bed rooms, each with a verandah that overlooks endless acres of fresh and verdant tea and cardamom plantations.

Lofty mountains, rising across and into a faraway horizon, caressed by drifting clouds of mist, wind and rain. The scent of fresh pine. An early morning call of a jungle fowl tapers off, as the ‘tap-tap’ of a hopoe on a tree trunk is heard over. As you gently take-in the moments of silence, sipping fresh brew of fine quality garden leaf tea, a revelation comes alive. Life, after all, gives only one day at a time. Wish there were more hours than 24, in that one single day!

Out on honeymoon? Or, want a short getaway from the city life? Looking for some quiet, solitude place to write a book? Want a well-spent holiday in the hills, to rejuvenate with the mountain breeze ? You’ll find the perfect base at Master’s Farm Designed to be an exclusive and private holiday bungalow – unlike any other hotel, guest house or resort you may find listed in the tourism circuit – here’s where peace, calm and privacy offer you a combined luxury.

Take your fill. Enjoy the vast landscape, the fresh air, candle light dinners, flowerdecked bed for honeymooners, camp fires, the long walks through the plantations ... the good times are waiting at Master’s Farm.

Features of Masters Farm...